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Increase security and improve connectivity to all your business.


There Are Many Types Of Networks And Many Types Of Solutions

Servers Direct networking specialists are available to work with you to help navigate and build a network of any size that connects your hardware to your business - and to your people. We provide out-of-box network hardware: switches, bare metal switches, adapters; and networking software.

We can help you with networking solutions:

  • Switches
  • Adapters
  • Bare Metal Switches
  • Software

Network Switches

Always stay connected to your business. Servers Direct offers a large choice of network switches. Enable communication between multiple devices by managing the flow of data across a network. A switch is made more secure using a network address as opposed to a hub, which retransmits messages out of every port and is unable to distinguish recipients.

Mellanox MSN2700-CS2F Switch

Mellanox MSN2700-CS2F
Key features:
  • Rack: 1U form factor
  • Ports: 32 QSFP28
  • Speed: 100Gbs Ethernet

100GbE Open Ethernet switch.

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Supermicro SSE-X24S 24x 10G SFP Switch

Supermicro 24 port switch
Key features:
  • Rack: 1U form factor
  • Ports: 24 SFP+
  • Speed: 10Gbs Ethernet

Ideal for growing and consolidated data centers.

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Mellanox MSN2410-BB2F Switch

Mellanox MSN2410-BB2F
Key features:
  • Rack: 1U form factor
  • Ports: 48 SFP28, 8 100Gb QSFP28
  • Speed: 10Gbs Ethernet

48 10Gb 8 100Gb uplink Ethernet.

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Network Adapters

Troubles connecting your computer to your network? We've got a solution for that. Servers Direct offers single, dual and quad port adapters at a low cost that provide the necessary integration. Choose from features optimized for cloud, virtualizated environments, storage and data centers these high-performing and advanced functionality adapters will "fit" to your needs.

Intel XL710-QDA1 40GbE Network Adapter

Network Adapter
Key features:
  • Ports: Single QSFP+
  • Speed: 40Gbs Ethernet
  • Media: Optical Fiber and Twinaxial

Unmatched features for server and network virtualization, flexibility for LAN and SAN networks.

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Chelsio T580-SO-CR Dual Port 40GbE QSFP+ Adapter

Network Adapter
Key features:
  • Ports: Dual QSFP+
  • Speed: 10Gbs Ethernet
  • Media: Optical Fiber

Optimized for cloud computing, virtualization, storage, and other business data center applications.

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Supermicro AOC-STG-b4S 4-port 10GbE SFP+ Adapter

Network Adapter
Key features:
  • Ports: Quad SFP+
  • Speed: 10Gbs Ethernet
  • Media: Twinaxial

TCP Offload, support for PXE boot and Virtualized Environments, and Energy Efficient Ethernet.

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Network Bare Metal Switches

Stay connected with more choice. Bare metal switches (BMS), also known as white-box switches, decouple software from hardware. Servers Direct enables users to choose their own software and construct more flexible, scalable and efficient systems.

Quanta T3048-LY9 48x 10GBs Bare Metal Switch

Bare Metal Switch
Key features:
  • Ports: 48TS and 6 QSFP+
  • Speed: 10Gbs
  • No OS installed

Install the operating system of your choice.

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Network Software

The foundational element for any network system. Now that you have hardware, you need software to run it. Servers Direct offers networking software to help administer, manage and monitor the components and devices from the smallest home networks to the largest enterprise networks.

Cumulus® Networks Cumulus VX Linux OS

Networking Software
Key features:
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Efficient

Runs on multiple virtual environments.

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