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  From TechInsight.TV:

I've had the honor, over these past I don't know how many years, to visit lots of resellers and take tours of their facilities. I've had extended conversations with the owners, head technicians, tech support staff and sales people. I've seen their production facilities and talked with lots of their customers.

I've seen stacks of servers, cages full of CPUs, memory, and hard drives, systems burning in and - my favorite - things written on boards in offices and conference rooms that say these people are deeply involved with what it is that their customers need, and how they are looking to solve those problems.

Sure, you can watch this video and say, hey that's just a Supermicro chassis, but then you'd miss the point.


Most everyone's heard of the cloud and its potential as a solution to today's complex computing needs. More and more companies, institutions and organizations are taking a hard look on how to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer. Data centers are actively promoting their services, offering time, space and the software for companies to remotely log in and scale with their needs as they arise. Getting set up with them is pretty straight forward and has its pluses.

The cloud doesn't have to be some huge data center near Grand Coulee dam. Creating an in-house cloud is straight forward and affordable with the right mix of products.

Servers Direct, a reseller out of City of Industry, CA, developed a great cloud solution that offers speed, scalability, storage and a host of options. The Servers Direct micro cloud server is a high density 3U server that can have up to 24 nodes with up to two 3.5" or four 2.5" SATA 3.0 drives per node. It offers customers excellent expansion and platinum redundant power supplies.

Servers Direct micro cloud servers are perfect for a wide variety of applications, from web servers to video streaming to web 2.0.


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