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How Universities Can Choose the Right Research Application Hardware to Maximize Budgets

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  Tim Poor, Director of Field Application and Sales Engineering, discusses how choosing a customized server can maximize performance and save money.

The challenge Servers Direct customers face today is information overload. When they decide to buy a server, they think custom and really the term custom can mean a number of different things.

Customization can be an individual component or up to a fully customized server. But even within those individual components, there are a lot of options ranging from SSDs to regular standard hard drives, different levels of performance within CPU ranges, different motherboards and different networking technologies -- there are a lot of options in every one of these different components.

Having options is actually a good thing because it gives Servers Direct the ability to try and find a solution that's going to be exactly what that customer is looking for. If looking at off-the-shelf systems, you're not going to have that same flexibility and your ether going to have to spend too much or you're going to have to potentially forgo a specific component or feature that you need because you found it in a lower price solution.

When a customer is looking for a solution, they can buy an off-the-shelf solution that's going to be too much or too little. They may find something that's just right, but usually that's not the case.

You may find a server that has the right number of hard drive bays in it but it's only a single socket CPU and you need it with dual socket. Or it would have the correct number of networking ports, but would not have remote management. Or you find everything that you need, but it's a non-redundant power supply instead of a redundant power supply.

For each one of these examples, Servers Direct has the ability to look at finding a tailored solution that's going to fit. Being custom doesn't necessarily have to be expensive. Being able to find what the customer's looking for and put together the right combination of components to deliver exactly what they need is going to be a much more cost effective solution for them over the long run.


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