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Keeping ISVs Focused on Software - The Zero Touch Business Model

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  Dave Guzzi, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, discusses how Servers Direct can help their customer focus on software, not hardware and the backend operations.

The zero touch business model is a process that Servers Direct employs when working with software company customers. Typically, those companies don't want anything to do with backend operations involved with buying components, building servers, imaging, testing, branding, packaging, storing products and shipping it to their customers.

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What they really want to do is focus on their software and the end solution. So their main goal is to find a way to solve their customer's problems and that's geared around their software.

To do that optimally, they need to find a partner that they can work with to build the servers, do all the branding and all the other services they require so that they never have to touch that hardware. In fact, they never even touch their own software. It just gets delivered as a solution, all put together for the customer.
A great benefit to the zero touch business model for ISVs is that they are able to reduce the cost they spend in their operations.

A software company is typically not going to want to have a number of people who are employed just for the purpose of building hardware. It goes beyond just the physical assembly of that hardware. It goes into the design, keeping up with the hardware technology, partnering with a number of different hardware component suppliers and understanding roadmaps. There are many aspects that go into building the hardware beyond just turning the screws.

So for ISVs, it's a great way to keep their costs focused where it should be -- on their own software development as they go to market strategies as opposed to having to allocate resources and funding toward something that's not really core to their business.


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