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What Clients Like Best About Servers Direct

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  Dave Guzzi, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, discusses the advantages Servers Direct has over their competitors and what customers like best about Servers Direct.

When defining why customers choose to do business with Servers Direct, it's the responsiveness, the knowledge, the willingness to be flexible, and short turn times are all very important. It's not unusual for us to build and ship servers in 3-5 days compared to weeks with our competitors.

One of Servers Direct's key differences over tier competitors is their willingness to work in small quantities. They have customers that buy one server at a time. As for some of their larger competitors, if it is not several million dollars a year in business, they're not going to engage in the first place.

Servers Direct's whole model is built around meeting the needs of each individual customer, whether that's one unit over the course of 12 months or if its 3,000 units over the course of one quarter.



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