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  Tim Poor, Director of Field Application and Sales Engineering, discusses how customizing a server is easier than you may think.

Controlling the configuration of a server is very important when working with a client because they're looking to have a piece of hardware do a certain amount of work. They have a certain set of server requirements, from both a technology and business side, and potentially the longevity side.

When configuring a server, it's very important to talk with the customer and work with them to understand those requirements so when configuring a server, you're able to hit as many of those pain points as possible. Some customers will have larger pain points in certain areas as certain markets will have longer lifecycles that they need to contend with where they can't have a change in hardware configuration for 3 or 7 years. Some customers will have difficult pain points with their budget and other customers may have technology pain points that Servers Direct is unable to solve with a standard configuration.

So by looking at a solution that is tailored to their needs, Servers Direct has the ability to really look at each one of the components and the solutions, not only from that lifecycle standpoint, but also from the budget and or the technical side. Servers Direct looks at all different aspects to be able to deliver the right size solution.

One of the advantages that Servers Direct has of being able to customize a solution is our ability to work directly with vendors for the individual opportunity. Servers Direct has direct access to roadmaps for many of the large manufacturers in the industry, such as Intel, Seagate, LSI, Supermicro, Adaptec and Western Digital, taking the information from those roadmaps and focusing not only the products that are being delivered today, but also the products that may be coming in 3 or 6 months or a year out.

Servers Direct is able to take that information and put together a solution for the customer while also looking out for a pitfall. Maybe there's an end of life that's coming on a product that in six months, the customer is telling Servers Direct that they have to have this hard drive. Servers Direct can then inform the customer that is there is a replacement and that the hard drive in question is already partially available, providing the customer with a sample. So Server Direct's ability to work with those vendors and have that information at their fingertips enables them to work with that customer to give them the solution that's' right for today and also for tomorrow.


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