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The Public Sector's Uniques Server Needs

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  Tim Poor, Director of Field Application and Sales Engineering, discusses the public sector's unique server needs.

The public sector's quite a broad term as it covers a lot of ground. The needs of the government are going to vary depending on the budgets that are there.

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Servers Direct sees a lot of requests for servers that have a need for increased capacity and performance, such as through the DOD or Department of Defense.

Servers Direct looks at simulation, for example, and companies that are built with simulators for a lot of the fighters or submarines or tanks in the world today. The requirements are such that they are continuing to change on cameras and projectors, so the horsepower that is needed to drive those applications is increasing.

Servers Direct looks at the amount of data that it takes to project a 4K image onto a screen as opposed to just a high definition image. You've got 4 times the data, so the amount of storage that's coming out is increasing. The challenges the public sector often runs into are budget related, so a lot of times Servers Direct is getting into these environments where budget needs to be spent by the end of the year.

In the cases where Servers Direct needs to come up with a solution and have it delivered within eight weeks -- customers are looking at it from a standpoint where they can simply buying something off the shelf. The better way to look at it is let's put together a solution that's going to meet your needs.

Putting together a customer solution doesn't have to take a long time. In some cases, Servers Direct may be able to put together a solution that fits exactly what customers are looking for within a matter of days or weeks.

If looking at custom chassis, for example, where it is a matter of bending metal to a specific requirement, Servers Direct can get this done with prototypes in as little as four to eight weeks. So the ability to respond quickly to a need can be done very quickly.


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