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The Advantages of Custom Server Solutions

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  Todd Swank, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Servers Direct, discusses the advantages of custom server solutions and what you need to know.

There are a lot of different options for customers when they're buying servers. Servers Direct boils it down into two different choices. The first being off-the-shelf solutions, which are sold by large manufacturers like HP, Dell or an IBM. Those companies make thousands and thousands of the same servers, so they get economies of scale and for a lot of companies, that's good enough.

Then you have custom server solutions from a custom server manufacturer like Servers Direct. With these servers, customers have the ability to choose exactly what they want, such as an exact component, certain hard drive or specific controller card. Ultimately, they want a provision a certain way and in the end, that is custom.

Large companies that standardize on a certain manufacturer like an HP or Dell do it for a reason, whether it's a contract or global support, there's certain reasons why it makes sense to stick with HP or Dell.

For larger manufacturers, the pricing can be very good because they have economies of scale. These manufacturers are building thousands and thousands of that particular SKU, so they have a set price point on that particular SKU.

With custom solution providers, Servers Direct is building servers based on the customer's needs. So many times, it comes down to the components they need and what features they're seeking in that system. If they need higher quality components, the price is naturally going to be higher. But if they don't need that same level of performance and budget is a bigger concern, then Servers Direct can find lower priced components and come up with a solution.

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